Wholesale Maca

Wanting to offer sustainably and ethically sourced, premium quality bulk maca powder to your customers?

Repack our premium maca into your own packaging.

Create your own private label

Use our maca in a food blend

Why buy through a broker when you can buy direct from the farm?

  • Standardised to ensure the highest possible level of bio-active macamides
  • Farm to Table – every bag comes direct from the farm in Peru
  • Your purchase is directly supporting a farmer in Peru (not all the middle men)
  • 10% of our profit goes to help the children of our farming community
  • 100% organic and farmed using traditional hand tools and methods (artisanal)
  • Hand selected to ensure premium quality before being dried
  • Dried naturally at altitude for 3 months before powdering to maximise therapeutic potential
  • Activated and ready to eat, no cooking required

Apply Now

Join the farm to table revolution and directly support a community in Peru. Apply to become a Seleno Health maca retailer.

Ideal for health shops, wholefood stores, health practitioners, naturopaths, private practices, refilleries, gyms, yoga studios and other speciality stores. Bulk options also available (2kg, 5kg, 10kg+)