Social Responsibilty

What we are doing to help

At The Maca Experts we believe it is up to us as consumers, suppliers and retailers to protect the incredible heritage, culture and history behind maca in Peru and to create an ethical and sustainable way to produce it that benefits all involved. We have a direct partnership with our farm, farmer and community and are committed to offer protection from exploitation. We allow full production of our final product to be carried out by our farmer in Peru, so in essence we are selling his product on his behalf and sharing back profits with him. It’s about producing farm to table and eliminating the middle men.

We then donate a further percentage of our profits back into a development fund to improve the lives of the people who produce our products. So every bag sold equates to approximately $1 towards supporting our community. Currently we are improving the conditions at the San Jose de Quero school and our farmer’s house, in terms of infrastructure, consumables, heating, water, internet and sanitation. We sponsor 14 different children from the community and pay for their annual schooling needs. We have already funded the building of accommodations to house eco-tourists that will allow a long-term sustainable income for our farmer and family additional to his current trade. We are also creating cultural and profession development programs for our farmer, his family and the local school children to improve their levels of education and professional experience.

Meet the children of our community






The children of San Jose de Quero

We believe that if we all are benefiting from the rich agricultural resources supplied by our farmer then so should they. When you choose to buy a food from a developing country, do your research, buy ethically and support companies who are giving back. Your purchase is like a vote, vote wisely and vote for the people who are trying to preserve and protect, not profit.

Social responsibility